Cyclist Trials TechNiche Vests for their ride in Race Across America (RAAM)

10 June 2019

Cyclist Trials TechNiche Vests for their ride in Race Across America (RAAM)

TechNiche is proud to be a small part of the Race Across America journey for the 2-person cyclist team “Eat Well”, consisting of two Frenchmen: Evens Stievenart and Jean-Luc Perez. TechNiche has provided the duo with vests and accessories to help them reach their goals of being the first French winners and beating the current 2-person team RAAM record of 6 Days and 10 hours. The duo plans to use the 4531 Hybrid Cooling Vest Powered by HyperKewlTM and CoolPaxTM for pre and post cooling, during the time their teammate is cycling. They also plan to use the 6201 KewlShirt Tank Top Powered by HyperKewlTM while they are cycling in high heat environments. (Parts of the ride pass through regions that are expected to be as high as 120oF).

Evens tried the vest during training for the RAAM

His testing conditions were as follows: Condition of test: 90 degrees Activity: Cycling Time of riding: 2 hours. Average Speed: 30 mp/H (all tailwind) Bike: TT bike Rider: Evens Stievenart

He soaked the KewlShirt Tank Top Powered by HyperKewlTM for about 3 minutes before his ride and wore the vest under his cycling SkinSuit.

Direct Feedback from Evans: “Right away I felt the cool effect. During the ride, it was still warm outside, but I was feeling pretty good and a rider who rode with me for a bit without the vest was kind of struggling with the heat! At the end of the 2 hours ride, the vest was still cool and humid, and I felt that it was still effective for cooling me down as I was ridding. I drank only one 1/2 liter of water which is low for 2 hours under 90 degrees. Typically, I would drink more under that weather. In short, it was great test and we will use them a lot in our coming challenge!”

Evens in HyperKewl KewlShirt Evens with bike