THORZT’s new HyperKewl Plus Evaporative Cooling Vest

02 November 2018

THORZT’s new HyperKewl Plus Evaporative Cooling Vest

THORZT’s new lightweight, evaporative cooling vest can provide temperatures that are 10-15oC cooler than the ambient temperature, protecting workers from heat stress and helping to prevent dehydration.

The benefits of cooling vests are well known, with several studies showing their ability to help industrial athletes moderate their body temperature – improving thermal comfort, reducing sensatations of effort during work and boosting productivity.

In a 2004 study, firefighters wearing a one kilogram ice-vest experienced these benefits and more – including reduced skin temperatures, a 13% reduction in sweat and heart rates 10 beats per minute lower than those without cooling vests. The study also concluded that the vests may help increase work efficiency by 10 per cent. Another study found that phase change cooling vests helped to reduce the rate of increasing core temperatures in miners during moderate work, resulting in lower core temperatures during work and recovery periods compared to miners who weren’t wearing the vests. Furthermore, cooling vests have been shown to help people exercise for longer than those without cooling vests due to reduced heat stress.

HyperKewl Plus Evaporative Cooling Vest Design: Thorzt’s new cooling vest is designed to provide industrial athletes with five-to-ten hours of cooling relief for every one-to-two minute water soaking. The vest’s core is made from HyperKewl Plus Evaporative Cooling material which uses a unique polymer chemistry to rapidly absorb water and slowly release it through evaporation, while also providing stable water storage and helping to ensure the vest’s longevity. This evaporative cooling material is sandwiched between a quilted nylon outer layer and water-resistant nylon liner to keep the wearer dry. Those wearing the vest can experience skin temperatures up to 10-15oC cooler than the ambient temperature – protecting them from heat stress and reducing the amount of fluids required to keep them hydrated. However the exact temperature difference depends on humidity, airflow and other environmental conditions. Furthermore, the zipper allows workers to easily don or remove the V-neck vest while the Hi Vis yellow outer means workers can wear it over their clothes without compromising visibility.

What is heat stress? Heat stress occurs when the body is unable to cool its core temperature to 37oC – leading to physical discomfort, impaired cognitive function, reduced productivity, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. While PPE and industrial clothing can further increase the risk of heat stress, it’s vital that workers continue to wear them to avoid more serious injuries. Fortunately, cooling vests such as Thorzt’s new HyperKewl Plus Evaporative Cooling Vest can be worn over protective clothing and can be highly effective at reducing heat stress in the workplace.

Try our new THORZT HyperKewl Plus Evaporative Cooling Vest:

The HyperKewl Plus Evaporative Cooling Vest has a RRP of $75 and can be purchased through the website or at any THORZT stockist. For more information, call 1800 THORZT (1800 846 798).