HyperKewl PLUS Highly Commended by CBRE

17 October 2018

HyperKewl PLUS Highly Commended by CBRE

With innovation at the heart of everything we do, we are delighted that our Hyperkewl Plus range of cooling products has been recognised by CBRE as one of their Top Ten Great Ideas in 2018.

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Having navigated through the ‘Dragon’s Den’ styled regional heats, our team lead by James Russell of TechNiche Europe were delighted to receive a Highly Commended Award for Hyperkewl Plus at a ceremony held at Billingsgate Market. In 2010 in the midst of the financial crisis, we created our own ‘Innovation Initiative’ to explore ways to further add value and possibly diversify through new products and processes relevant to its experience in working in the property and construction sector. Hyperkewl Plus was discovered and is now marketed across EMEA through our sister business TechNiche Europe, partnered with TechNiche LLC.

The opportunity to develop Hyperkewl Plus into a range of PPE (personal protective equipment) products followed each aimed at reducing the risk of heat stress for construction operatives across the globe. With extreme heatwaves happening with ever increasing frequency the business today now exports worldwide and has established itself as a leading authority on the issue of heat stress and worker wellbeing. Tech Tab When applied into cooling workwear, HyperKewl Plus is activated by placing the garment in water for 2 minutes, removing the excess water and wearing. The users stay totally dry however thanks to a waterproof lining on the inside of the garment. With evaporation the garment will cool down by 15˚C and the user will see a thermal skin temperature reduction by up to 8˚C. HUD display

Key facts about Hyperkewl Plus

  1. Super Absorbent Polymer Fibre Fabric
  2. 5/10hrs of evaporative cooling
  3. Cools down with just water and airflow
  4. Apparel cools down by 15˚C
  5. Leaves user with up to 8˚C reduction in thermal skin temperature
  6. Works in extreme temperatures up to 50˚C
  7. Can be machine washed at 60˚C fifty times
  8. Non-toxic, CE certified and lightweight

For more information please contact Ioannis Anastasakis at ioannis@techniche-intl.com