The science behind our products

TechNiche products have been tested all over the world by athletes and workers, by professionals and everyday users. We continue to develop and re-design our apparel using our patented technologies to improve your experience and ensure your PERFORMANCE, SAFETY AND COMFORT.

The below information provides a short summary of our technologies such as HyperKewl™, CoolPax™, Heatpax™ and IonGear™.

Evaporative Technology, Powered by HyperKewl

Evaporative cooling diagram

HyperKewl™ products are made using our HyperKewl™ fabric which utilizes a unique chemistry to achieve rapid absorption, stable water storage and controlled evaporation. Our Hyperkewl™ fabric allows us to create garments that absorb, hold and slowly evaporate water so that we can place a large amount of water around a user, while they stay dry, and then evaporate it to help us “super-charge” the bodies natural cooling method. Our bodies will normally cool us off through the evaporation of sweat on the skin, with HyperKewl™ fabrics, we simply add to this natural process, creating a cooling effect that can cool the user up to 10-15F below the ambient temperature, depending on airflow. (NB High humidity (90%) will diminish the fabric’s ability to evaporate water and therefore provide cooling.) An easy and safe cooling process that simply helps to do what nature has already done, cool us through the evaporation of water.

Evaporative Cooling Technology, Powered by DryKewl

DryKewl Cross Section

DryKewl utilizes our HyperKewl technology in a watertight carrier to keep the user completely dry.

Evaporative Cooling Technology, Powered by KewlTowel

KewlTowel cross section

KewlTowel utilizes PVA technology to absorb water and provide cooling in a towel format.

Phase Change Technology, Powered by Cool Pax

Phase Change technology diagram

A Phase Change Material (PCM) is a substance with a high heat of fusion which, melting and solidifying at a certain temperature, is capable of storing and releasing large amounts of energy.

Heat is absorbed or released when the material changes from solid to liquid and vice versa; thus, PCMs are classified as Latent Heat Storage (LHS) units.

Circulatory Cooling, Powered by KewlFlow

KewlFlow cross section

Our circulatory cooling systems utilize water and ice with tubing to pump water through a vest and provide cooling.

Battery Powered Heating, Powered by IonGear


Our battery-powered heating system, IonGear™, uses some of the most advanced heating element and battery technology available on the market.

IonGear™ electric heated vests and jackets use flexible heating elements which are both rugged and removable. Our gloves use micro-wires achieve heating functionality making them indispensible heated riding gear. Both use rechargeable batteries that deliver consistent, long-lasting heating.

Air Activated Warming, Powered by Heat pax

Warming technology activation

Heatpax™ Warmers deliver hours of air-activated warmth and relief from cold weather. Once the package is opened, an exothermic reaction occurs, providing an effective defense against the winter cold.

Heating can be suspended at any time by resealing the inserts in an airtight container or plastic bag.