Product 6626HV
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Techniche Phase Change Cooling ANSI CL II Traffic Safety Vests

  • High Visibility, ANSI Class II cooling vest
  • 100% Hi-Viz Lime polyester, 100% cotton interior liner made with thermal liner
  • Includes one cooler bag and one set of four (4) 6665V CoolPaxTM Inserts
  • Total Weight: 6.4lbs/2.9kg (including 6665V Cool-PaxTM Inserts)
  • Insert Compatibility: 6665V and 7065V
  • Sizes: M/L (45-80kg), L/XL (80-113kg), 2XL (113-136kg), Custom
  • Color: Hi-Viz Lime with Silver Reflective Tape
  • Sizing Chart
6626 Hi-Viz