New HeatPax Packaging

New HeatPax Packaging

TechNiche is excited to announce its updated multi-lingual new Heat Pax packaging. The same great warmer, with updated packets, and point of sale display boxes. The new packaging will be released in winter 2019.

POS Display Boxes:

  1. Hold 40 pairs/pieces each
  2. HeatPaxTM ship in the 40 unit display boxes.
  3. Easily fold open the pre-cut box and the POS is ready to display
  4. Bilingual: English and French
  5. Available in Body Warmers (#5541), Hand Warmers (#5551) and Toe Warmers (#5571)
  6. Master case of 6 display boxes (240 HeatPax) available in Body Warmers (#5542), Hand Warmers (#5552) and Toe Warmers (#5572)

HeatPax POS diaplay boxes in a row

Images of the new packaging are available on the TechNiche Image Repository, which you can access HERE.

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