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  • Adventure Cycling with KewlShirt

    Adventure Cycling with KewlShirt

    A recent article by Josh Tack of Adventure Cycling Magazine discusses the TechNiche Evaporative Cooling KewlShirt, Powered by HyperKewl

    Keep Your Cool This Summer with Techniche July 14, 2017 - Josh Tack writes for his Touring Gear and Tips blog every month.

    A couple years back, I wrote up some tips on how you can beat the summer heat during your bike tour. I still swear by those methods today, but if you’re looking for another advantage over the hot sun, consider the Evaporative Cooling Kewlshirt™ Tank Top from Techniche. Made from lightweight spandex and Hyperkewl™ fabric, all you need to do to get it ready for your ride is soak it in cold water and throw it on. The Hyperkewl™ material soaks in the cold water and slowly evaporates it, producing a cooling effect throughout your core. You’ll get the best results if you wear it against your skin, and there are no issues with throwing a jersey over it. Techniche claims you can get five to ten hours of cooling relief per soak. I didn’t quite see this happen on my test ride, but I’ll concede that these last few weeks have seen temperatures in the triple digits, and it’s a dry, Montana heat. If the vest does dry out on your ride, you can always soak it again at the next sign of water. With a retail of $55, it’s not an overly expensive solution to keeping cool. It’s also not specific to cycling. Use it on hikes, runs, or any other summer activities you partake in. It’s another great way to stay cool out there, because pretty much everywhere, it’s gonna be hot.