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  • TechNiche Q1 2017 Famous User Update

    TechNiche Q1 2017 Famous User Update

    As we move into Summer 2017, we want to give you a quick update on some new tests we have completed and some new products we are introducing.

    New Research

    UVF Rating Test Recent testing by SGS confirmed that the UVF rating for our HyperKewl Fabric with liner is 50 plus. We can now not only confirm that we can keep you kewl, but we can also confirm that we can protect you from the sun’s rays, up to a UVF rating of 50 plus. We are also in the process of conducting testing to verify the cooling capacity of our HyperKewl products.

    Latest Products

    We will begin to introduce our HyperKewl PLUS product with our new Evaporative Cooling KewlShirt line. We upgraded the look and color options for 2017. Now available in Blue, Hi-Viz, Silver/Grey and Teal trim with a better airflow design in the front and back.

    6201 BL 6201 HV 6201 SV 6201 TEALvan lierde

    Thank you for your continued support!



    TechNiche International recently had their new HyperKewl PLUS machine washable evaporative cooling fabric tested for a UV Rating. The PLUS fabric quilted to our nylon water proof liner came in at a UVF rating of 50 plus. Not only will we keep you kewl and help you to beat the heat, we have now proven that we can protect you from the harmful impacts of the sun’s rays.