HyperKewl Tied to Performance #3 - Increased Power Output

HyperKewl Tied to Performance #3 - Increased Power Output

In physics, power is the rate of doing work. It is the amount of energy consumed per unit time (J/s).

The recent study completed by the University of Hertfordshire found that athletes wearing our HyperKewl cooling vest had a higher mean power output. The study found that the mean power output was significantly greater when wearing our HyperKewl vest than without the vest by 7.99%.

Wearing a HyperKewl cooling vest while exercising or working means that you have more energy for work or play. The idea of increased power output is a logical consequence of the HyperKewl vests ability to help manage your body temperature (see article HyperKewl Tied to Performance Improvement # 2). You can work or play longer and faster because your body is spending less energy trying to maintain its core body temperature, and can put more energy to its muscles.

When winning matters, when productivity matters, having a HyperKewl cooling vest by TechNiche matters.

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