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    Published on July 10, 2018

    James Russell MD at TechNiche EMEA & Director at Octink

    The Qatar Innovation Community (QIC) has invited the first non-Qatari private sector company to join its community and help drive innovation related to the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™. TechNiche UK will become part of the QIC following their work with the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) to develop groundbreaking wearable cooled technology for workers building the stadiums directly related to the 2022 FWC™. Established in March 2017 by the SC, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC), Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) and Ooredoo, the QIC brought together a broad range of national stakeholders to accelerate innovation across Qatar, benefitting the 2022 FWC™ and beyond. Through various innovation programmes, the QIC supports Qatar’s knowledge capital, addressing national priorities and enhancing the country’s image and global competitiveness. To date, QIC’s 19 stakeholders have all been Qatar-based, however, Techniche were invited to join because of their collaboration with the SC and existing knowledge of the construction industry, contributing to Qatar’s innovation ecosystem by utilising their research and development capabilities while working closely with local partners. TechNiche engaged with the SC in late 2017 to test a range of cooled wearable technology designed to keep workers comfortable during Qatar’s hotter summer months. Both pilot programmes on Lusail Stadium – which will host the opening ceremony and Final of the 2022 FWC™ – led to the development of bespoke cooling products which will be introduced across SC projects in the coming weeks. James Russell, Managing Director EMEA for TechNiche, said: “To be the first international and private sector company to join such a prestigious group of companies is a great honour for our company. We’re excited to work across the group with a number of legacy projects and innovations. “We understand the responsibility of being invited to join the QIC. The country’s commitment to deliver a successful World Cup, using research, development and innovation to leave a true legacy is something we are extremely proud of. This invitation is an historic opportunity to develop pioneering technology capable of benefitting the wider region.” A spokesperson for QIC said: “TechNiche received this invitation following their pioneering work in relation to workers’ welfare. Their commitment in this area is extremely impressive, as is their track record of using innovation to make a global impact. We welcome their expertise to the community and look forward to collaborating on future projects.” For more information about QIC visit For more information on TechNiche please visit For more information on the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy’s commitment to workers’ welfare, please visit

  • TechNiche Pakistan Field Test

    TechNiche Pakistan Field Test

    We recently launched in Pakistan and our team has begun field testing with local companies. The feedback has been positive and we are looking forward to greater acceptance in the region as the people of Pakistan become familiar with TechNiche cooling products. For further details please see the below link

    _TechNiche Pakistan Field Test_

  • TechNiche at SafeStart 2018 United Kingdom

    TechNiche at SafeStart 2018 United Kingdom

    SelectEquip will be exhibiting in Hall 1 at this years SafeStart 2018, and will be presenting TechNiche’s line of cooling products.

  • Supreme Coucil’s Innovative Cooling Apparel Hailed by Lusail Stadium Construction Workers

    Supreme Coucil’s Innovative Cooling Apparel Hailed by Lusail Stadium Construction Workers

    The below is the full article written by the Supreme Council in Qatar regarding tests run at the Lusail World Cup 2022 stadium construction sites using TechNiche’s evaporative cooling products Powered By HyperKewl! You can see the full article at World Cup 2022 Powered by TechNiche By SC Staff

    Innovative cooling technology has been hailed a success by workers constructing the stadium which will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ final.

    Evaporative cooling vests, wrist-wraps, cooled towels and neck covers were recently tested by 150 workers at the Lusail Stadium project site. Made from state-of-the-art evaporative and phase change materials, the technology cooled the body temperatures of workers by up to 10°C.

    Every worker who took part in the recent pilot described the technology as beneficial, while more than three-quarters said the cooling effect was ‘very good’.

    Leveraging the influence of the Qatar Innovation Community – a group of key stakeholders accelerating innovation and socioeconomic development in Qatar – the SC identified Techniche as a suitable partner to conduct a pilot offering immediate solutions for workers. The pilot was conducted by US-based Techniche, in collaboration with the SC, and HBK Contracting, Lusail Stadium’s main contractor.

    Following the success of the pilot, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) will now assess the results of the report before exploring ways to utilise the technology which will benefit workers in the short, medium and long-term.

    Temperatures on-site reached 40°C during the pilot. Workers tested the technology for a full day, during which they were regularly monitored. Thermal images were taken throughout the test to measure the body temperature of the workers and measure the effectiveness of the technology.

    HBK Contracting’s Rashid Marera, who currently works as a flag man on the project, gave positive feedback about the technology.

    Marera, a 23-year-old from Kenya, said: “The vests are very good. The jacket cools the body – there’s not much sweating when we wear these. I think we would like to have these all the time – especially during summer.

    Kalyan Viswanathan, HBK Contracting’s Workers’ Welfare Manager, said the workers welcomed the trial.

    “The initial response was positive – the workers like the comfort,” said Viswanathan. “It enables them to work better and increases productivity.

    Techniche’s products are used in various industries, including sport, military, medicine and construction. The company is now hoping to roll out its products on a wider basis in Qatar and support the country’s commitment to workers’ welfare.

    James Russell, Managing Director of Techniche, said: “This was a really important day for us. It gave us a foundation to test our technologies and let us understand how we can fight heat stress in these conditions.”

    Russell went on to explain how the technology keeps a worker cool.

    He continued: “The vests are made from an evaporative fabric called HyperKewl, which is a super-absorbent polymer fibre which you place directly into water to activate. It reduces a worker’s body temperature and lasts for around ten hours.

    “This technology is at the forefront of the industry. Going forward, there will be research and development into how we take this technology forward, to enable the SC and Qatar to become leaders in heat stress management and workers’ welfare.”

    Mahmoud Qutub, Senior Advisor Special Projects Office and Executive Director of Workers’ Welfare, said: “The benefit of this pilot has been very clear to see. The metrics captured by Techniche demonstrated in real time the positive impact on both the mental and physical state of workers.

    “Our aim is to find solutions right now using existing technology, however there is an opportunity to develop a product that leaves a legacy for workers not only in Qatar but in any country with a similar climate. That is something we are already exploring.”

    The Techniche pilot is one of many uses of cooling products by the SC in 2017. Earlier this year the WWD deployed 10,000 cooled towels across all projects in parallel with a separate cooled vest trial on Al Wakrah Stadium.

    In addition, the SC also developed an innovative cooled helmet capable of reducing temperatures by up to 10°C. Following an extensive research and development phase, these helmets are expected to be rolled out next summer.

    The use of cooled products on SC sites complements a host of initiatives that have been introduced across SC projects designed to enhance the living and working conditions of workers, including a health and nutrition programme with Weill-Cornell Medicine-Qatar, an extensive training and up-skilling programme with Qatar International Safety Centre, a dedicated grievance hotline, and a wide-spread programme of health checks and assessment of emergency medical facilities across all sites.

  • TechNiche, Impact Cooling You Can Count On!!

    TechNiche, Impact Cooling You Can Count On!!

    TechNiche Cooling products were recently tested on several Qatari construction sites for the 2022 World Cup. Findings were very favorable.

  • TechNiche Exhibits at A+A Dusseldorf

    TechNiche Exhibits at A+A Dusseldorf

    We hope to see you at our booth, H11 G32. Drop by and take a look at some of our new products and technologies.

  • TechNiche Introduces Cooling in Botswana

    TechNiche Introduces Cooling in Botswana

    Our partner, TM Engineering, recently exhibited at the Agricultural Fair in Botswana as he works to introduce heat stress management using TechNiche cooling products. There was a lot of excitement about the products and their potential and we hope to get them into several resellers and retailers shortly to serve both the agricultural industry and tourist industry.

  • TechNiche to Exhibit at A+A in Dusseldorf

    TechNiche to Exhibit at A+A in Dusseldorf

    TechNiche will be exhibiting at A+A this year. We hope to see you all there.

  • Jordan Redman Reviews the TechNiche KewlShirt

    Jordan Redman Reviews the TechNiche KewlShirt

    Jordan Redman, a Motocross rider has tested our new TechNiche Evaporative Cooling KewlShirt, Powered by HyperKewl He has become a fan and as he says, “…he wont ride without it!” See his detailed video at the below link

    Jordan Redman reviews TechNiche’s KewlShirt

  • Adventure Cycling with KewlShirt

    Adventure Cycling with KewlShirt

    A recent article by Josh Tack of Adventure Cycling Magazine discusses the TechNiche Evaporative Cooling KewlShirt, Powered by HyperKewl

    Keep Your Cool This Summer with Techniche July 14, 2017 - Josh Tack writes for his Touring Gear and Tips blog every month.

    A couple years back, I wrote up some tips on how you can beat the summer heat during your bike tour. I still swear by those methods today, but if you’re looking for another advantage over the hot sun, consider the Evaporative Cooling Kewlshirt™ Tank Top from Techniche. Made from lightweight spandex and Hyperkewl™ fabric, all you need to do to get it ready for your ride is soak it in cold water and throw it on. The Hyperkewl™ material soaks in the cold water and slowly evaporates it, producing a cooling effect throughout your core. You’ll get the best results if you wear it against your skin, and there are no issues with throwing a jersey over it. Techniche claims you can get five to ten hours of cooling relief per soak. I didn’t quite see this happen on my test ride, but I’ll concede that these last few weeks have seen temperatures in the triple digits, and it’s a dry, Montana heat. If the vest does dry out on your ride, you can always soak it again at the next sign of water. With a retail of $55, it’s not an overly expensive solution to keeping cool. It’s also not specific to cycling. Use it on hikes, runs, or any other summer activities you partake in. It’s another great way to stay cool out there, because pretty much everywhere, it’s gonna be hot.

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