Frequently Asked Questions

Evaporative Cooling Products - HyperKewl™

Is HyperKewl™ fabric safe?

Yes. It contains non-toxic ingredients. See our Material Safety Data Sheet under our “Science” section for more details: .

How does it work?

Our HyperKewl™ fabric is sewn into the lining of all our HyperKewl™ powered products. The special fabric absorbs water very quickly and releases it very slowly through evaporation for extended cooling.

How long do I hydrate the garments?

Soak the garment for 2-3 minutes. See instruction on the garment for details.

What is the lifespan of the HyperKewl™ Fabric?

HyperKewl™ fabric is designed to provide up to 100 wet/dry cycles. Water absorbency will diminish over time as HyperKewl™ fibers migrate and entangle within the fabric structure. You may see an initial decline in the absorption of water after 5-10 wet/dry cycles as the fabric “settles”, but absorbency will remain relatively stable after this initial 5-10 wet/dry cycles. This is normal and the fabric is still very effective at water absorption and evaporation. Absorbency will also be impacted by hydration length, garment care, water quality, as well as other factors.

Can the products be reused?

Yes. Just make sure you hang them to dry when not in use

How much will the items weigh?

You control the weight of your garment by how long you hydrate it. Our #6529 Sport Cooling Vest soaked for about 2 minutes will weigh approximately 750 grams/1.5 lbs

Can I silk screen and/or embroider the products?

We recommend embroidery.

How can I wash the garments?

In order to maintain the longest life of the product and HyperKewl™ fabric, it is best to hand wash the garments with a brush and light soap and water. Avoid soaking the garments in soapy water. Simply use the brush to wash off the garment. When you are done cleaning off the garment, hang it to dry (preferably in a dry environment).

What is the new HyperKewl™ PLUS Fabric

Our new HyperKewl™ PLUS is a completely machine washable cooling fabric designed to work just like our HyperKewl™ fabric. Consider it our next generation cooling fabric.

How do I wash the new HyperKewl™ PLUS Fabric?

Place in the washing machine at no higher than 60C/140F. Once the cycle is complete, hang the garment to dry(preferably in a dry environment). Do not place in dryer.

Phase Change Cooling products - Cool Pax™

What temperature is the Phase Change Material (PCM)?

A comfortable 58°F (14°C).

How do you activate Phase Change Material?

Solidify the inserts by placing them in a fridge, freezer, or ice water.

How long does it take to activate them?

Approximately 30-40 minutes.

How much does PCM weigh?

PCM is 30% lighter than water.

Is PCM safe?

Yes, it is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and non-flammable. See our Cool Pax™ Material Safety Sheet for details.

Is PCM reusable?

Yes, the inserts can be re-activated over and over again.

How long will the PCM stay activated?

Vest inserts will remain at 58°F (14°C) for up to 3 hours. The cooling time frame may differ on some accessories and some vests, please see the details of each product for a more accurate cooling time frame.

Circulatory Cooling products - KewlFlow™

How long does the cooling effect last?

Cooling effects last up to 2 hours

What is the difference between the Cooler and the Backpack?

The backpack is designed for hands-free portable operation. The cooler is designed for stationary applications. Both units have multiple options available and provide the same cooling temperatures and duration.

Is the cooler portable?

The cooler is portable when purchased with the battery pack (products #6429C2, #6439bat).

Is the power source included?

Product #6429 comes with the vest only. All other bundles will include either a wall adaptor to power the cooler/backpack or will include a battery to power the cooler/backpack

Air-Activated Heating products - Heat Pax™

How do HeatPax™ Warmers work?

The Warmers are filled with iron powder which oxidizes when exposed to oxygen. This is a powerful exothermic reaction resulting in heat.

How long do the HeatPax™ Warmers last?

Body Warmers stay warm for 20+ hours, Mini/Hand Warmers 8+ hours, Adhesive Toe Warmers 5+ hours.

Can the Warmers be reused?

You can stop the HeatPax at any time, while it is still warm, by sealing them off from oxygen (i.e. by putting it in a plastic container or airtight bag), and reuse them at a later date. However; once the HeatPax is fully consumed (no longer heating after use) they will not be able to re-heat. They can be discarded once fully consumed.

How do I get the HeatPax™ Warmers to heat up?

Simply tear open the package. Wait 10 minutes for them to heat up fully.

Are HeatPax™ Warmers safe?

Yes, they are non-toxic.

How do I use them to stay warm?

After opening them, place the Warmers in your garment or pocket for maximum comfort.

Battery Powered Heated Products - IonGear™

Can I run my IonGear™ garments off of my vehicle battery?

Yes, we do offer an adapter kit that allows you to run our IonGear™ vest off of a vehicle battery.

Are the IonGear™ batteries re-chargeable?

Yes, all of our Iongear™ products are made with rechargeable batteries. Chargers and batteries are included with each IonGear™ product.

What type of batteries power IonGear™ products?

Our vests and jackets are powered by Polymer Li-Ion battery, 4400mAh capacity batteries. Our gloves are powered by Li-Ion, 2200 mAh capacity batteries.

Is the temperature setting adjustable on the IonGear™ products?

Yes, the gloves, vests, and jackets come with temperature controls so you can set the temperature.